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Perfection unrecognized??? February 11, 2014

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At the moment I decide to steal off downstairs to the kitchen for the last pineapple empanada, I take my usual route through the bathroom and notice a water bug* meandering into the adjoining vanity room.
(Now ‘water bug’ is what we, Texans/southerners, call the mutant roaches that squat anywhere they please. They strike fear into the vast majority of grown people and ALL children. Especially folks from up north. They’re usually about the size of an adults thumb! WHOLE thumb! How these things have survived I just don’t understand. Are they actually the perfect creature while the rest of us living things are the weak, flawed ones?? This is the one bug that I feel MUST die even if it’s truly a perfect thing, it’s just gross and it has to go! AND now back to regular programming….)
I truly mean meandering. This thing was strolling along taking in the sites from the hall into the restroom. Of course, my thoughts are, shoe, bug spray and toilet paper are all needed for this job. I grab the TP on the way to grab my ‘in tact Van’ ,the lefty, and go back for the non existent bug spray. The bug is still just hanging out so I get closer and wait for a reaction. None. At the point my foot is coming down on it is when the turbo kicks in and it darts into the shadows. No panic here. I’m a native! I decide to go get my snackypoo and see if the spray’s downstairs. By the time I get back upstairs my pastry is gone and the bug is still hiding from me. I find the bug spray, finally, and drench it! Left it for a minute to marinate and went back after a few to check status and now it’s REALLY disappeared. Lucky I’m only mildly inconvenienced or I might be like everyone else and lose sleep. Sorry buddy but you’re not interrupting my crappy sleep!
Anyway, that was tonight’s excitement. Oh, and I fell and busted my shin. Typical me! I’m predicting a nice black bruise by morning. Stay tuned!!!


The Angry Shoe February 7, 2014

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I’m desperately wanting some replacement Vans. I’ve got to find some soon before they fall apart! Poor shoe!



The M&M Incident

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This is completely embarrassing yet hilarious to me.  I come to my bf’s house and setup laptop camp at the table. Whilst settling in, with legs crossed and tucking hand between knees, I find confusion. There’s a knot. Feels like a loose marble got in and I don’t understand what the hell it is! I roll it up and grab it out of my jeans. What do I discover but a damn peanut M&M in my jeans! Of course, I immediately text my friend from work who I blame for this then tell my bf, Erik, who was just as confused as I was when I tell him about my discovery. Now I still don’t know how it ended up there but considering I’ve been snacking on them at my desk, I can guess. Here’s a little background: My coworker has been putting Valentine peanut M&Ms out lately and I’ve been grazing periodically at her desk. This afternoon I made a few visits to grab some and walked the whole 8 feet back to my desk to set my booty, M&Ms not ass, on my desk so I can pop them while I’m working. The day ends. We leave. Cut to Erik’s house as noted above. And to answer your burning question…..yes! I did eat the find. I knew where IT had been and where it hadn’t been, where I’VE been so I ate it! Oh! Like you wouldn’t??!!!!!