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The M&M Incident February 7, 2014

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This is completely embarrassing yet hilarious to me.  I come to my bf’s house and setup laptop camp at the table. Whilst settling in, with legs crossed and tucking hand between knees, I find confusion. There’s a knot. Feels like a loose marble got in and I don’t understand what the hell it is! I roll it up and grab it out of my jeans. What do I discover but a damn peanut M&M in my jeans! Of course, I immediately text my friend from work who I blame for this then tell my bf, Erik, who was just as confused as I was when I tell him about my discovery. Now I still don’t know how it ended up there but considering I’ve been snacking on them at my desk, I can guess. Here’s a little background: My coworker has been putting Valentine peanut M&Ms out lately and I’ve been grazing periodically at her desk. This afternoon I made a few visits to grab some and walked the whole 8 feet back to my desk to set my booty, M&Ms not ass, on my desk so I can pop them while I’m working. The day ends. We leave. Cut to Erik’s house as noted above. And to answer your burning question…..yes! I did eat the find. I knew where IT had been and where it hadn’t been, where I’VE been so I ate it! Oh! Like you wouldn’t??!!!!!


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